Removed:drepcated authentication APIs in Users plugin

Learn about the removal of deprecated authentication APIs in the NocoBase Users plugin. This update replaces old APIs with the new Auth plugin, improving security and functionality. Understand the changes, new endpoints, and how to transition smoothly. Essential reading for developers managing user authentication in NocoBase.

NocoBase team |

In the v0.10 version released in June, the user authentication functionality in the User plugin(@nocobase/plugin-users) has been replaced by the Auth plugin(@nocobase/plugin-auth). The authentication-related APIs, like sign in and sign up, provided by the User plugin have been depreacted. For more details, refer to NocoBase 0.10: New features in the second quarter#signin/signup api changes.

/api/users:signin -> /api/auth:signIn
/api/users:signup -> /api/auth:signUp
/api/users:signout -> /api/auth:signOut
/api/users:check -> /api/auth:check

The authentication-related APIs in the user plugin have now been removed, as detaild in PR-3122.