We are developing or have already planned the following new features and plugins.

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Data sources

Data source: HTTP API

Use HTTP API data as data sources.

In progress New plugin Commercial


Tree collection optimization

Supports filtering child nodes


Linkage rules for blocks

Support for linked refresh between blocks

Add Charts blocks in pop-ups

Add a new variable called "URL search params"

The variable is only available when there is a query string in the page URL, making it more convenient to use in conjunction with link action.

Set block height

It can be set to default height, specified height, and full height.

Markdown optimization

Supports variables, QR code.

Iframe block supports variables.

Both URL and HTML modes support variables.

Block: Workbench

It is used for placing various quick actions. Currently, it supports link and Scan QR code.

Done New plugin
Block: Tree

The tree filter block needs to be connected to the data block for use, providing filtering capabilities for the data block.

Done New plugin Commercial


Open mode: Page

Alongside dialog, drawer

Link action

Used to jump to the specified URL, supports variables.

Done New plugin
Import and export function optimization

Improved the stability of import and export function, increased the limit of import and export to 2000 records. Supports extended import and export logic of custom field types.

Scan QR code

This code contains information that can be quickly accessed once scanned, such as URLs, text, contact details, or other data.

Done New plugin


Field default values support expressions

Association fields support linkage rules

Input mask


Auth: Wecom

Wecom authentication.

In progress New plugin Commercial
Auth: DingTalk

DingTalk authentication.

Done New plugin Commercial


Workflow variable optimization

Automatically handle variable references (deprecate preload)

Date and time processing engine

Workflow: Script node

New plugin Commercial
Workflow: Webhook event

New plugin Commercial
Improvements to configuration of assign values in create/update node

Used the same configuration method as form blocks.


Logging and monitoring

Audit logs

Record logs for all actions and provide blocks where logs for each collection or each record can be viewed.

New plugin Commercial



Implement real-time notification alerts.

New plugin
Mobile V2

Provides a more user-friendly mobile experience, supporting the extension of various mobile components.

New plugin
Distributed architecture

Support multi-node deployment.

Plugin development tutorial V2

New development tutorial with step-by-step plugin samples.

Share pages

New plugin