A scalability-first,
no-code development platform

No programming required, build your own collaboration platform, management system with NocoBase in minutes.

3 steps to create management system

01. Data tables and fields
02. Menus and pages
03. Layout of blocks
Layout of blocks within the page
Configure menus and pages
Create data tables and fields

Free canvas, rich blocks

The NocoBase page is a canvas for forms, tables, details, calendars, statistical charts... These are called "blocks", and the various types of blocks are placed on the canvas to create the right combination of products

Everything is a plugin, built for extended development

No code can not solve all problems, NocoBase has a very simple and easy to extend the development architecture


Q1 2021
V0.4 Preview

Basic microkernel architecture
Initial plug-in support
Traditional form configuration

Q3 2021
V0.5 Visual configuration

Complete separation of data configuration and interface configuration
WYSIWYG no-code configuration interface
A more rational kernel build
Initial development documentation and examples

Q4 2021
V0.6 Testing and Improvement

More complete server-side test cases
A better client-side
Fix major known issues
Multi-language support

Q1 2022
V0.7 Plugin Manager

Complete plug-in process support
Visualization Plugin Manager
Public beta version available

Whether NocoBase can be used in a production environment?

NocoBase is still in early development and is only suitable for preview and experience, not for production environments. We plan to release a public beta after Q1 2022 at the earliest.

Does NocoBase support multiple languages?

NocoBase only supports Chinese for now. We will provide multi-language support in Q4 2021 and would appreciate your help in translation at that time.

Is it possible to develop plugins for NocoBase now?

The NocoBase client-side is not yet complete and not well documented, so it is recommended that plug-in development be done after the public beta release in Q1 2022.

Is it possible to deploy NocoBase myself without knowing anything about programming?

That's perfectly fine. But wait until after the public beta release in 2022, when we will provide detailed documentation and tools. You can experience our online version now.

Join us

If you are a developer with a strong interest in the field of codeless development and NocoBase,
and can participate in development full time or part time, welcome to join us. Please contact via email: