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Who NocoBase is for

Your development team is facing these serious challenges as they deliver various business systems for either internal or client use.

Frequent changes in business needs

Tight and urgent delivery deadlines

Slow and lengthy development processes

High personnel costs

Your team has realized the need to abandon traditional development methods, and introducing a no-code development approach could be a good option. However, after research or experimentation, your team has numerous concerns regarding the no-code platform.

  • Limited no-code capabilities, primarily for forms or tables
  • Clumsy and inflexible, leaving users helpless when faced with unmet requirements
  • Without access to the underlying source code and with data hosted on third-party servers, both privacy and security are difficult to guarantee
  • System instability, coupled with challenges in tracking and troubleshooting
  • Difficult to integrate seamlessly with existing systems
  • Being held hostage by user or application-based pricing models, resulting in purchased products not truly belonging to yourselves

No need to worry! Give NocoBase a try.
NocoBase is the tailored infrastructure designed specifically for your development team!

How NocoBase gets it done

"No code" is very helpful for rapid development of business systems, but it is not possible to fulfill all the needs. The design principle of NocoBase is:

80% of requirements are achieved through no-code solutions,
20% are implemented through extended development.

Data model-driven, separate "user interface" from "data structure"

Compared to form and table-driven approaches, data model-driven development offers uncapped development capabilities.

  • Decouple data and UI
  • Multiple blocks and actions can be created for the same table and record in any quantity and form
  • Support main database, external databases, and third-party APIs as data sources
Data model-driven approach in NocoBase, separating user interface from data structure. Supports multiple blocks and actions for the same table and record, integrating main database, external databases, and third-party APIs as data sources.
What you see is what you get, incredibly easy to use

NocoBase can develop complex and distinctive business systems, yet its usage is remarkably simple.

  • One-click switch between usage mode and configuration mode
  • Pages serve as a canvas where various blocks and actions are placed to compose suitable interfaces, much like Notion
  • The UI configuration mode is designed for ordinary users, not programmers
NocoBase WYSIWYG interface, showcasing easy-to-use, configurable UI for developing complex business systems. Features one-click switch between usage and configuration modes, allowing ordinary users to create and customize interfaces like Notion.
Everything is implemented as plugins, designed for extension development

Facing complex and ever-changing business scenarios, relying solely on stacking no-code capabilities to exhaust all requirements is futile. NocoBase is designed for extension development, freely expanding plugins to meet various needs.

  • Adopts a microkernel architecture where all functionalities are plugins, much like Wordpress
  • Plugins are ready to use upon installation
  • Whether they are pages, blocks, actions, APIs, or data sources, new plugins can be developed to meet new requirements
NocoBase plugin architecture, designed for extension development with a microkernel approach. All functionalities are implemented as plugins, similar to Wordpress. Plugins, including pages, blocks, actions, APIs, and data sources, can be easily installed and developed to meet complex and evolving business requirements.
Open source, using mainstream technology stacks

NocoBase's core and foundational plugins are entirely open-source, ensuring absolute transparency and controllability.

  • Written in TypeScript
  • Utilizes mainstream technology stacks such as Node.js, React, Koa, and more
  • Defines only standard interfaces, avoiding private DSLs
  • Extremely simple and lightweight, capable of running on a single low-spec server and scalable with just one person managing the development
Logging & Monitoring

NocoBase is not a black box; it provides detailed logging and monitoring alert infrastructure.

  • The logging plugin offers interface request logs and system operation logs
  • Supporting configurations such as log levels, rolling policies, size, and print formats
  • A series of telemetry plugins integrate facilities like OpenTelemetry and Prometheus, enabling developers to monitor any metric
Integrate with third-party systems

NocoBase offers multiple ways to integrate with third-party systems:

  • Using third-party databases as data sources
  • Utilizing APIs from other systems as data sources
  • Single Sign-On (SSO) for seamless authentication
  • Integrate seamlessly with third-party systems, becoming one entity
  • Implement multi-applications and parent-child applications among multiple NocoBase applications
Free, or one-time payment for lifetime usage

NocoBase is freely available for open-source use, with commercial license and plugins offered on top of the open-source version. Commercial license and plugins are purchased once and remain valid for a lifetime.

  • No subscription required
  • No consideration for the number of users
  • No consideration for the number of applications
  • No consideration for the amount of data

The right way to use NocoBase

No-code is not omnipotent, and neither is NocoBase.

  • NocoBase is not a low-code platform and does not support coding directly in the interface
  • NocoBase is not a code generator and does not offer code export
  • NocoBase is not a tool designed for teams without a technical background
  • NocoBase is not a SaaS, no subscription or pay-as-you-go offerings
  • Technical teams use NocoBase as infrastructure to dramatically improve delivery speed and efficiency
  • Technical teams can extend the capabilities of NocoBase with extension plugins, and non-developers can build on top of it without code
  • Use NocoBase to develop business systems and internal tools ranging from simple to complex
  • Deploy NocoBase on your own servers, use it, and take full control

Try it out: 3 steps to create a CRM

01. Collections and fields
02. Menus and pages
03. Blocks & actions
NocoBase no-code DEMO
NocoBase UI showcasing dynamic order management with automated calculations and industry-specific data visualization.
NocoBase platform showcasing dynamic configuration of order entries with customizable columns in an interactive dashboard layout.
NocoBase new order interface with dynamic pricing and customer selection.
Screenshot of NocoBase's order creation interface showcasing data entry fields, configuration options, and a bar chart visualization.
NocoBase interface showcasing a detailed customer management module with industry categorization and contact editing features.
NocoBase user interface demonstrating how to add and customize blocks in a dynamic customer management system, showing dropdown menus for block additions.
Detailed customer profile interface in NocoBase showing industry-specific information and customizable fields.
NocoBase UI showing customer management with detailed options to add blocks for enhanced functionality.
NocoBase platform demonstrating customer management interface with details panel and data block options.
NocoBase customer management screen showing detailed view options and attachment features for diverse industries.
Customizable customer management screen in NocoBase showing industry details and employee numbers.
Configurable customer details panel in NocoBase showing editable fields and company information.
Configurable data blocks menu for streamlined operations in NocoBase customer management platform, showing options for adding diverse customer interaction details.
Lay out blocks within a page
NocoBase interactive customer management screen showcasing various customer categories and details options.
Configurable menu interface in NocoBase for streamlined management of customer data.
NocoBase customizable menu add options featuring Group, Page, and Link.
Empty user interface of NocoBase platform ready for customization.
Configure menus and pages
Configuring fields for company data in NocoBase Collection Manager.
NocoBase interface showing system fields configuration for company data management.
NocoBase collection manager interface showing configurable fields for business data collections.
NocoBase collection manager interface with options for creating and managing database collections.
NocoBase admin panel with quick access to Roles, Permissions, Collections, System Settings, Workflow, and Plugin settings for efficient management and configuration.
Create collections and fields
NocoBase interface displaying a sortable table of companies with columns for name, website, industry, employees, and attachments, highlighting data customization options in a no-code platform.

It's important to hear what users say

As a company dedicated to the legal technology field, we face challenges due to the breadth of services and the diversity of demands. In order to effectively reduce development costs and improve efficiency, we once considered developing an internal no-code/low-code system. However, during exploration, we discovered NocoBase. Its architectural design is not only flexible but also powerful, perfectly meeting our dual needs for rapid development and deep customization.

Since NocoBase came into our sight, we have started experimenting with it in several business projects. Its ease of use and scalability quickly proved its value, making our development work more efficient and agile. With the continuous iteration of NocoBase versions and the continuous enhancement of features, our confidence in it is growing day by day.

We greatly appreciate the innovation and responsiveness of the NocoBase team. They not only provide an excellent low-code solution but also ensure that users can keep pace with technological developments through continuous optimization and updates. We are very satisfied with our experience with NocoBase and look forward to seeing more exciting progress from them in the future.

Zhang Zhipeng CTO

I cannot emphasize enough the great experience we've had with NocoBase as a no-code/low-code platform. It stands out as exceptionally user-friendly, making our development process both smooth and efficient. What impressed me most was how easy it was to work on development of the user experience once the data model was in place. This streamlined approach allowed us to develop a full-fledged system, designed to be used by several hundred organizations, in just a matter of weeks.

NocoBase has effectively shattered the common misconception that powerful systems require months or even years of work. I highly recommend it for any organization looking to fast-track their development cycle without sacrificing quality.

Thomas Wennersten CTO

The core purpose of the digital transformation in traditional industries is to reduce costs and increase efficiency, enhance corporate competitiveness, and expand market share. However, implementation often faces three major challenges: difficulty in business integration, technical support, and cost control. No-code/low-code platforms, with their wide range of applicable scenarios, ease of use, and controllable iteration costs, have become the best choice.

After trying dozens of commercial and open-source low-code platforms, our company finally chose NocoBase as our business support platform. Employees from the marketing and archives departments, who have no IT background, were able to develop and set up three systems - CRM, RMS (Record Management System), and MES (Manufacturing Execution System) - by themselves after just about a week of self-learning, and then began trial operations. Later, by utilizing NocoBase's rich plugin functionality, we integrated WMS, ECS (Environmental Control System), and AI-assisted office systems, reducing the cost of digital transformation from millions over six months to hundreds of thousands within a month. Moreover, because business personnel were involved in the system construction, the response time to customer and employee needs could be shortened to just tens of minutes.

NocoBase's advanced design concept, round-the-clock technical support, open-source private deployment solution, and reasonable business model will make our company more calm and confident in facing future challenges.

Sun Xiaofeng CEO

Our company operates in the ICT industry, where clients face various challenges in enterprise digital transformation. Therefore, we started seeking solutions to enhance development efficiency, reduce costs, and meet diverse customer needs.

In the exploration process, we discovered NocoBase, much like Sun Wukong finding the Dragon King of the East Sea. NocoBase's no-code platform, like the golden hoop of Sun Wukong, has endowed us with infinite power. With this powerful tool, our delivery team, like Sun Wukong, possesses endless possibilities.

Through the NocoBase no-code platform, our collaboration efficiency has significantly improved. We can rapidly build customized applications to meet different customer needs without spending a lot of time and effort. Like Sun Wukong, our combat effectiveness has exploded, easily solving previously tricky problems.

Over time, the NocoBase no-code platform continues to update and optimize, providing customers with more features and flexibility. Our delivery team's confidence has multiplied, looking forward to the future and expecting to continue creating more miracles with NocoBase, offering customers better solutions. Like Sun Wukong, who, after obtaining the golden hoop from the Dragon King of the East Sea, embarked on a wonderful journey, ultimately bringing endless glory and victory.

余毅 CTO

As the core of data management, API services, and workflows, NocoBase significantly lowers the development difficulty, allowing our developers to focus more on the implementation of business logic, thereby greatly improving development efficiency.

NocoBase possesses excellent integration capabilities, enabling seamless interfacing with various third-party services and systems to achieve data sharing and functional integration. This means we do not need to build all functionalities from scratch but can instead make full use of existing services and resources to quickly integrate various functions and services into our applications. This integration capability not only reduces development time and costs but also enriches and diversifies the application's functionalities, meeting the diverse needs of users.

In this rapidly evolving digital age, NocoBase is undoubtedly a powerful weapon for us to face challenges and achieve innovation. We are thankful for the NocoBase team's efforts.

China unicom
Xinjiang Unicom's Scientific Innovation Laboratory

The block/action system of NocoBase has attracted us. Open-source, fast, and scalable, it provides an excellent solution for us to quickly build business systems. Moreover, the project team is strong, proactive, and highly promising!


Among the no-code/low-code platforms I have used, NocoBase is the most unique. It is more in line with the logic of traditional software development, starting from data relationships and gradually building upper level applications. It is very easy to learn and master, and it effectively solves the problem of a large amount of time and cost required for building traditional systems.

Yunhe Wooden Toy Industry Platform
Carlos Liu CEO

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