NocoBase v1.0.1-alpha.1: Blocks support height settings

NocoBase v1.0.1-alpha.1 introduces new features like block height settings, URL link actions, and variable support for iframes, along with various improvements and bug fixes to enhance platform functionality and performance.

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New features

Blocks support height settings (#4441)


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Support configuring variables in the URL or search params.

Reference document:

Add a new variable called “URL search params” (#4506)

The variable is only available when there is a query string in the page URL, making it more convenient to use in conjunction with link action.


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Iframe support variables (#4512)



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File storages support configuring file size and file type (#4118)


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Workflow: variable nodes support selecting partial path of data objects as the value of variables


URL fields support preview (#4559)

Currently only support image preview.


Data visualization: Support for “URL query parameters” and “current role” variables (#4586)




Import and export function optimization (#4468)

Improved the stability of import and export function, increased the limit of import and export to 2000 records. Supports extended import and export logic of custom field types.


Avoid misoperation by disabling the date variable option (#4452)

Except for the “current time”, the variables representing dates are intervals (arrays) rather than moments (strings). They can be used for filtering, but cannot be directly used as default values.


Linkage rule assignment interaction optimization (#4492)

Multi-select fields do not show assignment options. If a single-select field is selected and assigned, then switching to a multi-select field will clear the configuration


Adjust the top-right icon of the action column in the table block (#4538)


ErrorFallback (#4459)

Refining error fallback for different components in the frontend to prevent the entrie page from becoming unusable due to a frontend error.


Collect debug information and quickly download logs when a frontend error occurs(#4524



  • Modify character length limit of username to 1-50 (#4502)
  • Do not hide foreign key fields(#4499

Bug fixes

The data scope in the permission configuration dialog should not support the “Current form” and “Current popup record” variables (#4484)


Support selecting the value of a variable directly as the default value for a association field (#4439)


Fix the issue of error when adding “Custom request” action multiple times (#4458)



  • Fix the issue of content in the sub-table not being cleared after form submission. (#4475)
  • Fix the issue of abnormal use of the “Current object” variable in the sub-table. (#4521)
  • add ‘Set default zoom level’ option for map fields. (#4527)
  • Fix the issue of block not being displayed when adding a block using block templates in a popup window. (#4531)
  • Fix the style issue of form data templates. (#4536)
  • Workflow: expression box style disappeared in calculation node. (#4513)
  • Workflow: field type incorrect when created in custom form of manual node. (#4519)
  • Workflow: permission issue of triggering custom action event. (#4522)
  • Workflow: incorrect depth configuration of preloading assoacition for multiple data source. (#4526)
  • json-templates library bug. (#4525)
  • File manager: error when uploading or deleting file on COS. (#4529, #4537)
  • Form linkage rule displays [object Object] when assigning a value of 0.00 to a numeric field. (#4482)
  • Subtable is missing the control setting item for the add new button. (#4498)
  • Submit button in the table edit form is missing the linkage rule setting item. (#4515)
  • Data-visualization: fix the issue of field components invisible when setting default values for chart filter fields (#4509)
  • Authentication: fix the issue where the sign up page is not found for newly created basic authenticator. (#4556)
  • Localization: fix the issue where the page titles is not translated when translating the menu texts. (#4557)
  • Map: fix the issue where AMap shows a key error despite correct configuration. (#4574)