NocoBase 1.0.0-alpha.15: New Plugins and Improved 'Configure actions' Interaction

NocoBase v1.0.0-alpha.15 introduces LDAP authentication, custom action triggers, Gantt and Kanban support, and more. This update also improves 'Configure actions' interaction and addresses various bug fixes to enhance platform performance.

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New features

Auth plugin: LDAP authentication

Supports users logging in to NocoBase using their LDAP server credentials. For more information, refer to the Authentication: LDAP documentation.

Workflow plugin: custom action trigger

When CRUD actions cannot satisfy your needs, you can use the custom action trigger of the workflow to orchestrate your own data processing logic. For more information, refer to the Workflow / Custom action trigger documentation.

Table block supports fixed columns

Supports adding Gantt and Kanban in pop-up windows

The details block supports linkage rules

Allows configuring the visible and hidden properties of fields.

Workflow HTTP request node supports application/www-x-form-urlencoded format data

Workflow HTTP request node input boxes supports string templates

Plugin samples for development

View the documentation for plugin examples.



Improved “Configure actions” interaction

All actions are displayed in a single list in the dropdown menu, no longer distinguishing between “Enable actions” and “Customize”.

  • Actions that can only be added once: These actions retain the switch effect.
  • Actions that can be added repeatedly: These actions no longer use the switch interaction and can be added multiple times.
  • Merged similar actions
    • “Add new” and “Add record”
    • “Submit” and “Save record”


Unified data format for workflow HTTP request node result:

  config: {},
  headers: {},
  status: 500,
  statusText: 'xxx',
  data: {}

Reorganize workflow handbook



Log plugin now only shows logs of the current application

When there are multiple applications:

  • The log plugin only displays the log file list for the current application.
  • Workflow and custom request folders are placed within the application folder.


Other major fixes include: