NocoBase 0.18: Establish a sound testing system

NocoBase 0.18 enhances robustness with comprehensive E2E testing, an optimized auth plugin, and modular decomposition into plugins, improving flexibility and performance.

NocoBase team |

New Features

To enhance the robustness of NocoBase, we have been supplementing E2E (end-to-end) testing throughout the fourth quarter. Concurrently, we have also been refining the entire testing system.


NocoBase test kit, include:

  • @nocobase/test/server server-side testing
    • Integrated supertest for interface testing.
    • mockDatabase and mockServer are built in.
  • @nocobase/test/client Client-side testing
    • @testing-library/react and @testing-library/user-event are integrated.
  • @nocobase/test/e2e E2E testing
    • Integration of @playwright/test.
    • Built-in common mock methods

Testing framework

  • Server-side testing, using the Vitest framework
  • Client-side testing, using the Vitest framework
  • E2E testing, using the Playwright framework

Writing tests

Server-side testing

import { mockDatabase } from '@nocobase/test/server';

describe('my db suite', () => {
  let db;

  beforeEach(async () => {
    db = mockDatabase();
      name: 'posts',
      fields: [
          type: 'string',
          name: 'title',
    await db.sync();

  afterEach(async () => {
    await db.close();

  test('my case', async () => {
    const repository = db.getRepository('posts');
    const post = await repository.create({
      values: {
        title: 'hello',


Client-side testing

import { render, screen, userEvent, waitFor } from '@nocobase/test/client';

it('should display the value of user input', async () => {
  const { container } = render(<App1 />);
  const input = container.querySelector('input');
  await userEvent.type(input, 'Hello World');
  await waitFor(() => {
    expect(screen.getByText('Hello World')).toBeInTheDocument();

E2E testing

import { test } from '@nocobase/test/e2e';

test('sign in', async ({ page }) => {
  await page.goto('/');
  await page.getByPlaceholder('Username/Email').click();
  await page.getByPlaceholder('Username/Email').fill('');
  await page.getByPlaceholder('Password').click();
  await page.getByPlaceholder('Password').fill('admin123');
  await page.getByRole('button', { name: 'Sign in' }).click();
  await expect(
      page.getByTestId('user-center-button').getByText('Super Admin')

Run the Vitest test

# Run all tests with two parallel Vitest processes for both frontend and backend.
yarn test

# Run client test cases.
yarn test --client
# equal to
yarn cross-env TEST_ENV=client-side vitest

# Run server test cases.
yarn test --server
# equal to
yarn cross-env TEST_ENV=server-side vitest

# Specify a directory or file.
yarn test your/path/src/__tests__/test-file.test.ts
# Client-side files must include /client/ 
yarn test your/path/client/src/__tests__/test-file.test.ts

📢 Difference with running vitest directly

  • When you specify the path, you can automatically recognize the front-end and back-end, the front-end must include /client/.
  • Backend test is -single-thread by default, if you want to turn it off, you can add -single-thread=false.
  • Default is --run, if you need to listen, add --watch.

Run the Playwright test

# Install dependencies
yarn e2e install-deps

# Run tests
yarn e2e test

# UI mode
yarn e2e test --ui

# Specify the application's URL
yarn e2e test --url=http://localhost:20000

# Start an app. It reinstalls every time.
yarn e2e start-app

Other changes

Optimization of auth plugin

Modular decomposition into plugins

In order to refine the kernel and make it more streamlined, certain functionalities have undergone a modularized separation. Recently, the plugins that have undergone this modularization include:

Plugin namePackage name
Action - Bulk edit@nocobase/plugin-action-bulk-edit
Action - Bulk update@nocobase/plugin-action-bulk-update
Action - Duplicate@nocobase/plugin-action-duplicate
Workflow - Aggregate@nocobase/plugin-workflow-aggregate
Workflow - Approval@nocobase/plugin-workflow-approval
Workflow - Delay@nocobase/plugin-workflow-delay
Workflow - Dynamic calculation@nocobase/plugin-workflow-dynamic-calculation
Workflow - Form trigger@nocobase/plugin-workflow-form-trigger
Workflow - JSON query@nocobase/plugin-workflow-json-query
Workflow - Loop@nocobase/plugin-workflow-loop
Workflow - Manual@nocobase/plugin-workflow-manual
Workflow - Parallel@nocobase/plugin-workflow-parallel
Workflow - Request@nocobase/plugin-workflow-request
Workflow - SQL@nocobase/plugin-workflow-sql

See complete list of plugins for details. The document is currently under construction, with some content possibly missing or awaiting translation. You can follow nocobase/docs for updates.