NocoBase 0.17: New SchemaInitializer and SchemaSettings

NocoBase 0.17 refactors the UI Schema designer with new SchemaInitializer and SchemaSettings, reorganizes documentation, and introduces several improvements for better frontend development.

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New Features

To reduce development learning costs and provide a better frontend development experience, we have phased a reconstruction of the frontend core over the past few months, including:


This time, v0.17 has refactored the UI Schema designer-related SchemaInitializer and SchemaSettings.



To address the difficulty for users to get started, we have also reorganized various sections of the documentation:

  • Plugin Development (completely revised and published)
  • API Reference / Client (new section, already published)
  • User Manual (completely revised, will be released in the next one to two weeks)
  • Plugin List (new section, including introductions, usage, and extension development instructions for all existing plugins, will be released in the next one to two weeks)

Incompatible Changes

Changes to SchemaInitializer

  • Added SchemaInitializerManager for registering SchemaInitializer
  • Added useSchemaInitializerRender() to replace the original useSchemaInitializer() render()
  • Added useSchemaInitializerItem() for obtaining the context of the current initialization item
  • Added SchemaInitializerItemGroup component as the default component for type: 'itemGroup'
  • Added SchemaInitializerSubMenu component as the default component for type: 'subMenu'
  • Added SchemaInitializerDivider component as the default component for type: 'divider'
  • Added SchemaInitializerChildren component for custom rendering of multiple list items
  • Added SchemaInitializerChild component for custom rendering of a single list item
  • Changed the responsibilities of SchemaInitializerContext for storing the context of the current initializer
  • Changed the responsibilities of useSchemaInitializer() for obtaining the context of the current initializer
  • Changed function SchemaInitializer to class SchemaInitializer for defining initializer
  • Changed parameters of SchemaInitializer
    • Added name required parameter for the value of x-initializer
    • Added Component parameter for custom rendering of the button. Default is SchemaInitializerButton.
    • Added componentProps, style for configuring the properties and style of Component
    • Added ItemsComponent parameter for custom rendering of the list. Default is SchemaInitializerItems.
    • Added itemsComponentProps, itemsComponentStyle for configuring the properties and style of ItemsComponent
    • Added popover parameter for configuring whether to display the popover effect
    • Added useInsert parameter for when the insert function needs to use hooks
    • Changed dropdown parameter to popoverProps, using Popover instead of Dropdown
  • Changed parameters of items for SchemaInitializer
    • Added useChildren function for dynamically controlling child items
    • Added componentProps function for the properties of the component itself
    • Added useComponentProps function for dynamically processing the props of the component
    • Changed key parameter to name for the unique identification of list items
    • Changed visible parameter to useVisible function for dynamically controlling whether to display
    • Changed component parameter to Component for rendering list items
  • Changed SchemaInitializer.Button to SchemaInitializerButton, the default value for the Component parameter of SchemaInitializer
  • Changed SchemaInitializer.Item to SchemaInitializerItem, with unchanged parameters
  • Changed SchemaInitializer.ActionModal to SchemaInitializerActionModal, with unchanged parameters
  • Changed SchemaInitializer.SwitchItem to SchemaInitializer.Switch, with unchanged parameters
  • Deleted SchemaInitializerProvider, replaced by SchemaInitializerManager
  • Deleted SchemaInitializer.itemWrap, no longer need to wrap the item component

Changes to SchemaSettings

  • Added SchemaSettingsManager for registering SchemaSettings
  • Added useSchemaSettingsItem()
  • Added useSchemaSettingsRender()
  • Added x-settings parameter for configuring schema settings
  • Added x-toolbar parameter for configuring schema toolbar
  • Added SchemaToolbar component for customizing schema toolbar
  • Added useSchemaToolbarRender() to replace the original useDesigner()
  • Changed function SchemaSettings to class SchemaSettings for defining settings
  • Changed the original SchemaSettings to SchemaSettingsDropdown
  • Changed SchemaSettings.Item to SchemaSettingsItem
  • Changed SchemaSettings.ItemGroup to SchemaSettingsItemGroup
  • Changed SchemaSettings.SubMenu to SchemaSettingsSubMenu
  • Changed SchemaSettings.Divider to SchemaSettingsDivider
  • Changed SchemaSettings.Remove to SchemaSettingsRemove
  • Changed SchemaSettings.SelectItem to SchemaSettingsSelectItem
  • Changed SchemaSettings.CascaderItem to SchemaSettingsCascaderItem
  • Changed SchemaSettings.SwitchItem to SchemaSettingsSwitchItem
  • Changed SchemaSettings.ModalItem to SchemaSettingsModalItem
  • Changed SchemaSettings.ActionModalItem to SchemaSettingsActionModalItem
  • Deleted x-designer parameter, deprecated, will be removed in the future, use x-toolbar instead
  • Deleted useDesigner(), deprecated, will be removed in the future, use useSchemaToolbarRender() instead

For more details, see Incompatible Changes in NocoBase 0.17