NocoBase 0.16: New cache manager

NocoBase 0.16 introduces a new cache manager supporting memory and Redis stores, requires Node v18, and updates cache creation methods and environment variables.

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New Features

The previous version of cache has poor usability (only support memory cache), v0.16 has been refactored, built-in memory and redis store, it also supports custom store. please refer to the API documentation for the details of how to use.

Breaking Changes

Node minimum version changed to 18

Node v16 is no longer maintained, the minimum version has been changed to v18.

  "engines": {
    "node": ">=18"

Cache creation method update

Deprecated: Use createCache for cache creation.

import { createCache } from "@nocobase/cache";

const cache = createCache();

Cache now managed by CacheManager and created with app.cacheManager.

const cache = await app.cacheManager.createCache({
  name: "memory", // unique name of cache
  store: "memory", // unique name of cache method
  // other config
  max: 2000,
  ttl: 60 * 1000,

Environment variables update

Previous environment variables of cache required a JSON string for configuring.


New environment variables for configuring cache:

# Unique name of default cache method, memory or redis
# Max number of items in memory cache
# Redis,optional

Full changelog

  • refactor(cache): improve cache #3004
  • fix: local storage base url #3063
  • feat: show table definition #3061
  • feat: mariadb support #3052
  • fix(plugin-workflow): client minor fixes #3062
  • chore: view inference #3060
  • fix: sort by association collection #3058
  • feat: node >= 18 #3066