no-code platform

No programming required, build your own collaboration platform, management system with NocoBase in minutes.

3 steps to create management system

01. Data tables and fields
02. Menus and pages
03. Layout of blocks
Layout of blocks within the page
Configure menus and pages
Create data tables and fields

Create data models with rich field types and table relationships

Create independent data models using dozens of field types such as text, date, number, attachment, option, icon, etc., and various association relationships such as one-to-one, one-to-many, many-to-many, etc.

Combine blocks within a page freely

Display and manipulate data within a page using a free combination of block types such as tables, forms, kanban, calendars, details, etc.

Role-based access control

Role-based control of user's system configuration rights, data action rights and menu access rights.

Workflow & automation

Repetitive tasks are replaced by automation to increase efficiency. Manual approval is required for important matters.

Unlimited level menu

You can group menus, support adding pages and links, and support unlimited submenus.

Rich and extensible actions

Support filtering, exporting, adding, deleting, modifying, viewing and other operations to process data, which can be extended to more types

Everything is a plugin,
built for extended development

No-code can not solve all problems, NocoBase has a very simple and easy architecture to extend


NocoBase uses a micro-core architecture, various functions are extended with plugins.

Mainstream tech stack

Based on Node.js, using mainstream frameworks and technologies, including Koa, Sequelize, React, Formily, Ant Design, etc.

Open source

Full code ownership under the Apache-2.0 & AGPL-3.0 license.

Get NocoBase & Join us

You can get NocoBase from GitHub.
Please feedback bugs and features by GitHub Issues, or start a discussion by GitHub Discussions.
If you are very interested in the field of no-code/low-code and NocoBase, welcome to join us.
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